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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HEY! Even a Phone's Camera can take Photos

Well, if you think I always bring my DSLR everywhere I'm going,
That's a wrong answer.
When I travel light around Kota Kinabalu to somewhere not-really-that-interesting areas,
all I carry is my Wallet, iTouch and my Phone.

So yes, you can take great pictures with a Phone's camera too.
Of course you don't have 10 frames per second performance, low noise high ISO and all those fancy features,
but it doesnt mean the picture is bad.
The most important thing is to capture the Moment of the Life
A Phone Camera can still focus, high-contrast modifyer and made into a paranomic mode.
Yet, my phone camera can actually imitate a Lomo Camera!

These are the pictures I've taken with my Sony Ericsson C901.
A 5mp Cybershot Phone Camera.


So in conclusion, you can still capture great images no matter what camera you're using.
The only thing you can't expect with a phone camera is the performance and some exclusive features to the DSLR.

[Posted at 9.00pm, Wednesday, 27th October 2010]