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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shin Yang's DMC Aventador

What's the wildest Aventador have you seen in Malaysia? In my opinion, I believe that Shin Yang's DMC bodykit Aventador with a nice shade of Blue wrap completely changes the style of this hyper car. It's completely mental.

 photo SYDMC-1.jpg

Does the wrap looks good on the car? If yes and you're planning to wrap yours with the same wrap, then prepare to know that the materials itself were rumored to be cost at RM3,000.

 photo SYDMC-2.jpg

But it sure does look expensively beautiful on this Aventador. Just to fill you in, the DMC bodykit consists of a Carbon Fiber splitter and a Carbon Fiber GT Wing.

 photo SYDMC-5.jpg

It's beautiful....

 photo SYDMC-4.jpg

...and aggressive.

 photo SYDMC-3.jpg

With the additional wing at the back, it reminds me of the Murcielago Super Veloce.

 photo SYDMC-6.jpg

Even with the DMC kit on, the car reamins a beautiful piece of art for Lamborghini.