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Friday, November 26, 2010

An Awesome outing with Ajeeq, Brenda, Brittany and Della!

Finally we managed to do an outing with Ajeeq and 2 distant friends named Brenda and Brittany!
Oh wait, Della too joined! It was GREAT!

As usual, our Sutera Day was always involved with Rain.
But that didn't stop us.
We had lots and lots of fun together.

To start off, Ajeeq did not have transportation.
So I told my mom to pick him up at All Saints High.
Then off we go to Sutera.
Brenda and Brittany were there earlier when we arrived.
That surprised us alot.
We waited for Della then we went out and enjoy our day out.

Walking by the pier,
looking at Tourists,
looking Sea Urchins which Brenda doesn't know about it,
and Ajeeq almost fell down to the Pits of Death while trying to BBoy around.
It's all soo relaxing and breathtaking!

This definitely pulled our stressed away.
This is like dream!


Much to our hopes,
Fauzan was there!
Along with Azhar, Elisheeba and Akmal!
Though, we went to our separate ways for a while.

Then we went Swimming!
It's been quite a long time since I last swam.
Enjoying the Waters of Life.
It was fun with them.
Sadly, Della didn't want to come in.


Brenda, Brittany and Della had to go home early,
So Ajeeq and I joined Fauzan, Azhar and Akmal.
Seemed that we found out Elisheeba went home as well,
it turned out to be the all boys night.

We had a CHEAP (which isn't cheap to me) dinner.
I ate Fish n Chips under the Kiddies Section.
Ajeeq ate Chicken Fingers.
Delicious! I ate a lil' by lil' to make the price worth :S


Ajeeq went home earlier,
followed by me,
then Left Fauzan, Azhar and Akmal.
Wonder what they done after we left.

Well... the Day was Awesome!
Enjoyable and memorable!
I want MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Posted at 4.00pm, Friday, 26th November 2010]

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