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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not something we see everyday in Proton's Service Center

 photo cars-36.jpg

My car has been brought to the service center to do a free gear oil change. The day was a teeny wee little bit special for the mechs over there as they do not encounter a R3 Neo very often.

 photo cars-34.jpg

It looks particularly striking when the car was lifted up.

 photo cars-35.jpg

And I can admire my ride from a 'lower' perspective.

 photo cars-31.jpg

While the mech was busy draining my gear oil...

 photo cars-32.jpg

...I decided to pop by to my front splitter for an inspection.

 photo cars-33.jpg

Turns out it did receive it's fair share of battle scars from the the road of Bolehland. Certainly shows that I really put the car to good use.

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