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Friday, May 17, 2013

Speedhunting in Miri

 photo cars-6.jpg

The cars driven in Miri, Sarawak is rather interesting when a number of hidden petrolheads and Brunei-ans drive on the streets. Starting of with this Megane RS by Renault, it's a track-ready car ready to be unleashed. However, there's no race-track around except for the popular Lutong drag strip. So I guess the owner could have his/her track feel by doing it on the streets (always practise safe but 'professional' driving on the public roads)

 photo cars-8.jpg

Then came this widened and clean Toyota MR2 with...

 photo cars-7.jpg

... a different feel on the rear of the car.

 photo cars-9.jpg

I guess this MR pocket rocket has the potential to be a grippy Japanese Ferrari.

 photo cars-10.jpg

Next on, I found this rather interesting Satria Neo. It's a standard CamPro powered Neo but the it's what the visuals that attracted me. With the flared arch, black hood, black roof, CPS Spoiler and a splitter, this looks like a track modded Neo. I don't have any official info about this car being a track modded but this certainly looks good and appealing.

 photo cars-18.jpg

Do you like the Toyota Starlet and Initial D?

 photo cars-15.jpg

If you do, then this is a combination of both. A Toyota Starlet with the visual essence of Bunta/Takumi's AE86. With the fog lamps,...

 photo cars-17.jpg

...the Tofu shop decal and...

 photo cars-16.jpg

The Panda paint scheme, this is no brainer that this looks like the Trueno.

 photo cars-27.jpg

Fancy for something even rare?

 photo cars-26.jpg

I've never seen a genuine Mark II Supra until now.

 photo cars-28.jpg

Still not convinced? Check out this OEM steering wheel.

 photo cars-23.jpg

It's nice to see this Japanese classic even though it looks similar to a Pantera Detomaso and Lamborghini Espada.

 photo cars-25.jpg

And of course the retro rear

 photo cars-13.jpg

Also a classic but not too retro, it's the Civic Del Sol.

 photo cars-14.jpg

With a nice shade of blue and GT Wing, it looks refreshing to most civics out there.

 photo cars-11.jpg

Moving on to the Neos, this is the first 2013 Satria Neo R3 spotted in 'Tranquility Black'. It looks good but I still have my taste on...

 photo 734938_10200782602838186_877204947_n.jpg

my own Silver GTi Neo R3.

 photo cars-4.jpg

But then let's take a look on another Neo I spotted which was the modded Neo with Lotus Racing Bodykit on.

 photo cars-5.jpg

Featuring a set of TE37!!!

 photo cars-3.jpg

So in overall.... it looks SEXY!

 photo cars-22.jpg

But since the Neo was developed by Lotus, I managed to spotted the real developer's car.

 photo cars-19.jpg

For the first time in my life, I spotted an Exige.

 photo cars-21.jpg

With the interior that I could drool on even with my monitor right in front of me.

 photo cars-20.jpg

And it's SEXY BACK! This is the origin of the Satria Neo CPS/R3 (well, 1/4 of it's DNA).

 photo cars-1.jpg

Back to the classics and to the last but not least vehicle spotted, it's a car in the OCCC or Oil town Classic Car Club.

 photo cars-2.jpg

To end this petrolicious post, I feature the best, the aggressive 70's JDM style Celica ST in aggressive black! This is one car that I would want as a retro classic.

For another couple more years to spend in Miri, I'd definitely be looking forward to spot a lot more cars lurking around the streets of Miri.

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