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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Borneo King of Drag 2013

 photo 120113-MUSC-11_zpsabdc4dbf.jpg

This year has been quite a hectic year that caused me to stop taking photos. So I start back by showing my recent photos that I took in this years Borneo King of Drag challenge.

Oh and you gotta love this AE86 here. Would personally use this as a drift & gymkhana car if I own one.

 photo 120113-MUSC-1_zpsb729a260.jpg

Ismakom's orange CRX is back for more action and has been quite a strong competitor in these past events...

 photo 120113-MUSC-4_zps604ddc04.jpg

...but despite the winning aura, it had a sad ending on this event. Resulting a DNF after the car had flipped due to unknown reasons.

 photo 120113-MUSC-3_zps06432c34.jpg

Another jockey and tuner to watch out is Miri's own V-Tec OTAI. Ah Sing.

 photo 120113-MUSC-5_zps58b29263.jpg

I somehow love his father guy looking with his family on Super Sundays.

 photo 120113-MUSC-2_zps52b295ea.jpg

This has always been my favorite. The loudest in the V-tec category. Also a friend's mechanic whose driving this beast.

 photo 120113-MUSC-6_zps6af4c7c6.jpg

Want some non-VTEC photos for a change? Sure! How about a Unichip D powered Hilux?

 photo 120113-MUSC-7_zps8b8b0f8a.jpg

And many many common GT-Rs on the drag strip (there's obviously only one in this photo)

 photo 120113-MUSC-10_zps5ff6399e.jpg

Okay okay... this may be a V-tec inside but it is a turbo powered car.

 photo 120113-MUSC-8_zps55cc9c50.jpg

And speaking of turbo, I end this very short post (I'm sorry, need to get my aura back in taking photos) with the 2JZ duo.

Featuring the Altezza (IS300)

 photo 120113-MUSC-9_zps826f78e6.jpg

and the Supra.

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